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Master Chen

Master Chen




Lightweight Kungfu

Interludes of Taiji

Hard Qigong

Xuan Men Sword

Qi Xing Sword

Ba Xian Sword

Taiji Sword

13-Form Taiji

28-Form Taiji

Horsetail Whisk

Dragon Form

Taming Tiger Form

Basic Skills of Taiji

Taoist Manner

Our Academy

Views on Wudang

Golden Temple
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Master Chen




Lightweight Kungfu


  No.1: Introduction of Master Chen Shi Xing TOP

  No.2: Interview of Chen Shi Xing by CCTV 10 TOP

  No.3: Interview of Chen Shi Xing by CCTV 1 TOP

  No.4: Interview of Chen Shi Xing by SDTV TOP

  No.5: Wudang Lightweight Kungfu TOP

  No.6: Interludes of Wudang Taiji TOP

  No.7: Wudang Hard Qigong TOP

  No.8: Wudang Taiyi Xuanmen Jian (Taoist Sword) TOP

  No.9: Qi Xing Jian (Seven Star Sword) TOP

  No.10: Wudang Baxian Jian (Eight Immortal Sword) TOP

  No.11: Wudang San Feng Taiji Jian (Wudang Taiji Sword) TOP

  No.12: Wudang Shan Feng Taiji 13 Movements TOP

  No.13: Wudang Shan Feng Taiji 28 Movements TOP

  No.14: Wudang Taoist Fuchen (Horsetail Whisk) TOP

  No.15: Wudang Longhua Quan (Dragon Form) TOP

  No.16: Wudang Fuhu Quan (Tiger-conquering Form) TOP

  No.17: Six Basic Skills of Taiji TOP

  No.18: Celestial Taoist Manner TOP

  No.19: China Wudang Kungfu Academy TOP

  No.20: Views on Mount Wudang TOP

  No.21: Wudang Golden Temple TOP
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