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Wudang Internal Kung Fu

Chinese martial arts has been divided into waijia (external) kungfu and neijia (internal) kungfu. Waijia comes from the Shaolin Temple, while neijia originates from Wudang Mountain.

Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of Wudang martial arts (also known as Wudang wushu, Wudang kungfu, Daoist martial arts, neijia quan and Wudang quan). Wudang martial arts has a long history, is one of the main schools of Chinese martial arts and enjoys a high reputation.

Wudang kungfu cannot be separated from Daoist culture. The philosophical background is ancient Chinese, applying the traditional concepts of taiji, yin and yang, wu xing (Five Elements) and bagua (Eight Trigrams) to boxing theory and practice, training principles and fighting strategies. Wudang kungfu is a way of studying the laws of life and nature. One may say that Wudang kungfu is the crystallisation of the Daoist exploration of life.

Daoists pursue longevity and their cultivation is often accompanied by martial arts. Before the Song Dynasty, there were many Daoists who were martial arts masters. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng, who practised in Wudang Mountain, created taiji quan and laid a solid foundation for the development of Wudang martial arts. Developing over hundreds of years, Wudang kungfu has become one of the main schools of Chinese martial arts and has spread throughout the South. So as the saying goes: "The north honours Shaolin, the south reveres Wudang."

Master Chen's school, the China Wudang Kungfu Academy, offers traditional martial arts training in an authentic temple setting. Here you can learn all elements of the San Feng School. More

Traditional Wudang Kungfu Forms
Basic Skills

Wudang 36 Lu Tui Fa (36 Kicks) 三十六路腿法
Exercise of hands, eyes, body and steps 手法、眼法、身法、步法
Wudang Ji Ben Quan (Basic Skills) 基本拳
Jump and Flip 跳跃、空翻

Wudang Quan
Xuangong Quan 玄功拳
Xuanzhen Quan 玄真拳
Fuhu Quan (Tiger Form) 伏虎拳
Longhua Quan (Dragon Form) 龙华拳
Xuanwu Quan 玄武拳
Baji Quan 八极拳
Xingyi Quan (Body and Will Fist) 形意拳
Bagua Zhang (Bagua Palm) 八卦掌
Taiji 13 Form 太极十三势
Taiji 28 Form 太极二十八式
Taiji 108 Form 太极108式
Taihe Quan 太和拳
Taiyi Wuxing Quan (Taiyi Five Elements Form) 太乙五行拳
Taiyi Xuanwu Quan 太乙玄武拳
Wudang Weapons
Taiji Jian (Taiji Sword) 太极剑
Taiyi Xuanmen Jian (Taiyi Xuanmen Sword) 太乙玄门剑
Baxian Jian (Eight Immortals Sword) 八仙剑
Baxian Gun (Eight Immortals Stick) 八仙棍
Ziwu Qiang (Ziwu Spear) 子午枪
Xuangong Dao玄功刀
Chunqiu Dao 春秋大刀
Fangbian Chan (Convenient Shovel) 方便铲
Fu Chen (Horsetail Whisk) 拂尘
Taiyi Fuchen (Taiyi Horsetail Whisk) 太乙拂尘
Ding Pa (Rake) 钉耙
Health-preserving Qigong
Daojiao Huogu Qigong 道教活骨气功
Daojiao Dongjing Qigong 道教动静气功
Wuxing Qigong (Wudang Five Animal Qigong) 五行气功
Taoist Baduanjing 道门八段锦
Meditation 静坐
Dantian Tiaoxi Juqi Zhuang 丹田调吸聚气桩
Taiji Yinjing Zhuang 太极引劲桩
Taiji Hunyuan Zhuang 太极浑元桩
Wushu Qigong

Hard Qigong 武当硬气功
Tie Sha Zhang (Iron Palm) practice with herbs 铁砂掌〈配草药练〉
Tie Bi Gong (Iron Arm) practice with herbs 铁臂功〈配草药练〉


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What our academy offers you

• We have a private temple where you can train in peace and quiet.
• We have a comfortable environment where you can relax and enjoy life.
• We have traditional kungfu, allowing you to experience the marvel of Wudang kungfu.
• We have the original taiji form, enabling you to gain a new understanding of your life and improve your health.
• We have a high quality teaching team, who will ensure you achieve your goals.
• We have an advanced teaching philosophy, assuring the quality of our teaching.
• We have a professional office team, offering you a highly efficient service.
• We have a scientific management style, pushing the school's development harmoniously and as a whole.
This academy would not be possible without Daoist master, Master Chen. His ability to focus on the details as well as the whole ensures the smooth running of the school. A serious and dedicated teacher, Master Chen always aims to do his best for others.

Our academy may not be the biggest, but we do our utmost to make our school the best. wudang school More

Wudang Dao wudanggongfu 武当师行功夫馆      

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